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Make Money Writing on the Internet

Make Money Writing on the Internet

To earn money writing the best thing is to register in the various platforms that are on the net, platforms that bring together people who are looking for writers with people who seek to earn money writing from home and online. There are many platforms that are dedicated to this, but you only have to trust the most reputable and those with the most good reviews.


➡ Textbroker:

This is another platform that unites writers with people who want to hire their services, it is a platform that offers good support at all times and that every day has more members. There are people who are looking for editors to write movie scripts, translators for text, web page writers and much more ... On this platform you do not have to pay a monthly fee or have to pay any fee per year. The prices offered by people who are looking for writers are usually quite high prices and that is something good for you as a writer.

To enter the website click here : Textbroker .

➡ Fiverr:

This platform has been on the market for several years and has one of the most active communities at the moment, it also lacks a very good reputation and that is surely for something. It has thousands of freelancers looking for writers to do various jobs for them. The only negative point is that it has thousands of users and the prices offered and sought are quite low compared to other platforms, that is why if we want to earn a good salary at the end of the month this platform is not the most appropriate and we have to go to others where there are more demanding people but who pay better.

To enter the website click here : Fiverr .

There are many other options for you if you're trying to make money online , we recommend to read this article which we mention

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➡ Copyhackers:

Copyhackers is a content company based in Canada. Your job is to build a great product. Our job is to help you connect that product to your audience… using li’l ol’ words. Okay, and segmentation and personalization. And analytics. And, well, everything in the digital marketer’s toolkit. But mostly: words.
To enter the website click here : Copyhackers.

➡ The Write Life:

The Write Life is money for writing. The site itself is a resource for new Freelancers, but relies on Freelance to write their articles. However, you may need to be a well-known freelance writer to advise others.
Pay: $60 to $300
To enter the website click here: The Write Life 

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6 Ways To Earn Money Online From Home

6 Ways To Earn Money Online From Home

Of course you can earn extra money, as you can see some ways can help you earn money fast, while others are long term. It is necessary that you understand each way and never stop learning and gather knowledge, you will be able to live and even get rich from these different online ways to earn money from home.

In this article i will show you the different ways to earn money using your computer or mobile device at home, we know that currently we're living in a difficult time and have other sources of income is a must , stay and discover a new world.


Table of Contents :

  1. Make money with Forex
  2. Make money with Cryptocurrencies
  3. Make money with Surveys
  4. Make money with Browsers 
  5. Make money with Mobile Applications
  6. Make money with Sports Betting 
  7. What are SCAM sites and how to discover them

  • Make money with forex

When we say Forex, we talk about trading or currency exchange, this way of making money is more complicated, since you must obtain knowledge before launching the currency market, apart from the fact that you occupy an initial investment and if you do not have previous knowledge there is a high probability that you will lose your money.

  • Make money with cryptocurrencies 

 It is possible to generate income thanks to cryptocurrencies, the most used form is the market betting on whether the currency is going to go up or down is something that many do today, some obtain profits, while others only have losses. don't you wanna be the second kind?

Click here to read more details on how to make money with cryptocurrenices . 


  • Make money with Surveys

 Do you have a lot of free time and you don't do anything useful? There are pages that pay you for conducting surveys, you will not become a millionaire doing this, but it can be used to pay some debt or simply to pay for lunch for the week.

 Click here to read more details on How to Make Money Online with Surveys.


  • Make money with Browsers 

Yes, you read correctly, there are websites that pay you to surf the Internet, the way this works is like this, the company has a browser that you must set as default, you enter and browse normally as you do every day, just that in this way you are also making money.

Click here to read more details on How to get paid for using browsers.


  • Make money with mobile applications

It is one of the safest ways to generate income, the problem is that you must know how to create applications or invest money on a programmer to make you an application and thus be able to monetize it with ads or payments within the app.

Click here to read more details on How to earn money with mobile applications.


  • Make money with sports betting 

Yes, it is possible to earn money by betting on sports, if you are a fan of this, this is for you, there are pages that pay you to hit which team will win at the end of the game. There are many strategies to maximize your earnings when doing this activity.

What are SCAM sites and how to discover them

Although the Internet has many useful purposes, not everything on the web is what it seems. Among the millions of legitimate websites vying for attention are websites built for all sorts of nefarious purposes, from identity theft to credit card fraud.

These scam websites work in a wide variety of ways, from posting misleading information to promising wild rewards on a financial exchange. Some are deliberately designed to look like legitimate and trustworthy websites, like those operated by official government organizations, for example. The end goal is always the same: get you to give up your personal or financial information.

To read more details on How To Discover Fake Sites , click here .

Make Extra Cash This Week

Make Extra Cash This Week

Some of the more normal ways to make a bit of extra cash fast include selling things, pawning things, working longer hours at a job, and so on. We will look at some of these more traditional ways below. But we will also take a look at some of the less common ways to make some money within a few days.



Sell Things

Of course it is common to sell your things to raise cash quickly. You can do it in a matter of an hour if you take your stuff to a pawnshop, or you can throw an ad on Craigslist and get some things sold by the end of the week. But a less common approach is to sell things that belong to your friends and family. The idea here is not to steal their possessions, but to borrow the things they say they wouldn't mind parting with. Then take them to a pawn shop or to any potential buyer (used furniture store, another friend who needs a particular item, and so on), and see what you can get.


Once you have an offer, call your friend who owns the item and offer him or her less than that for it. You might find a buyer at $100 for a used computer, for example, and convince your friend to sell it to you for $50 while you are standing there with your buyer (just out of earshot, of course). You get to quickly pocket $50, and without the risk you would have if you tried to buy things before you sold them. If you don't find a buyer for an item, return it to its owner and that's that.


Collection Time

Although it isn't really a way to make extra cash as it is a way to cash in assets you have, you can ask for repayment of anything owed to you. Go to those friends and and family who have been putting off repaying money they owe, and encourage them to make good on the debts. You might offer a discount for paying the debt now. Now, if some of your friends are the type who don't bother to repay debts, don't bother asking for repayment. Just give them your sob story and ask them to lend you the money you are owed for a day or two. You can then forget to repay their repayment.


Collect Scrap Metal to Sell

Almost every town of any size has at least one pace that buys scrap metal. You can start by rounding up broken aluminum furniture and TV antennas, copper tubing left over from a plumbing project, and any pop cans you have around the house (as long as there isn't a deposit in your state). Go sell whatever you have to see what you can get. Then start looking for more supply. Try friends and family, to see if you can get old aluminum car wheels, copper from old air conditioners and such. Some air conditioning units have as much as $30 in metals in them, and yet they get thrown away all the time.


Work More Hours

If you get paid frequently at your job, you might be able to make extra cash by working more. But be smart about it. Pack the hours into the same week to maximize overtime pay, and take any shifts that pay more per hour, like holidays or night shifts.


Sell Your Hair

If you have long hair that is in good condition, you can sell it. Some ponytails go for up to a thousand dollars, and there are buyers waiting right now online. 


Deliver Cars

I have known more than one used car dealer, and they always need a car delivered at some point. They either need to move some cars from one lot to another or they need drivers to go to auction with them and drive their purchases back to the sale's lot. Go directly to used car lots and ask for the owner or manager to see if you might get some of this cash work.


Gamble Other People's Money

Take a trip to a Nearby casino. But first set your own money aside and look online for a gambling system to try. Once you have an idea what you are going to do, round up $40 from each of several friends with the promise that you will give them half of the profits you make and will guarantee a loss of no more than half of their stake. They get a chance to gamble on your skills while risking only $20, and you might win big with no risk at all. Just use half of the money raised, so you can fulfill your promise to return at least half.


Leave Your Apartment

If your financial troubles are not limited to the need for cash this week only, consider leaving your apartment and moving into cheaper accommodations, like a friends basement, a room rental, or a parent's home. The point here is that you not only better your financial situation going forward, but if you are not a bad tenant, you should also get that security deposit back. Hey, I did promise some unusual ways to make extra cash.


How to Get Rich Today

How to Get Rich Today

So you want to know how to become rich, and you want it to happen today? Well, you could buy lottery tickets, or find a casino and try your hand at the roulette wheel. You might get lucky. The odds are against you, of course, so is there a better way?


How about thinking about what it means to BE rich. Consider for a moment that you are sitting there with a fantastic machine in front of you. Yes, I mean the computer. It can entertain you, educate you, employ you and more. Now think back two hundred years ago, when the richest people in the world didn't have access to a computer, or a television, or a car, or a refrigerator, or modern medicines.


Consider how many millions of people TODAY would eagerly trade places with you. Even if you consider yourself poor, there are others who would consider you rich by comparison, right? "Rich" is relative, isn't it? And while others imagine how much better their lives would be if they had as much as you, you imagine a life made better by even more wealth.


It is true that life can be improved by money. Anyone who tells you differently is lying or has a real lack of imagination. But long before you get rich according to whatever standard or goal you have, you can get rich by living differently. You can learn how to get rich by enjoying the real wealth that you already have. You may not enjoy future wealth in any case, if you don't learn how to first.


Start appreciating what you have, and you WILL be richer. Who is richer, a man with a lot of money and things who is alternately stressed and bored, or a man who is enjoying all the good things he has, however few they may be? Plan for the future, to make more money, but get rich today by living in a state of gratitude for what you already have.



Get Rich Today - Part Two

Money is a blessing, as well as an incredible and fascinating invention. It is the distilled essence of all the worldly things you might want or need. Why not make more of it? Here are some simple reminders of things you already know about how to get rich.


1. Start planning to make more money. Pick a way (there are many) and work it. Try another way if you fail, but don't stop trying. Fast or slow - you can get rich. Don't just think about getting rich. Start putting your goals in writing, and taking the steps necessary.


2. Learn what is really important to you. I have watched more than one person spend what could have been a wealth-building investment on things that really weren't important to them. Self control doesn't mean self-denial. It means doing what you REALLY want for the long term.


3. Learn how to manage money. Watch those "Where Are They Now" programs, and you'll quickly see that it is easier to lose millions than to make them. How many famous people have blown through their money in just a few years? 1,893. Okay, who knows, but the lesson is clear: You have to understand how to manage money if you want to get rich and stay rich. Start educating yourself.


Learn to enjoy what you have, and put a plan in place to have more - this is how to be richer today.


How you can win when playing poker?

How you can win when playing poker?

When you ask how you can win when playing poker, you have clarify what that really means. Do you just want to win once in a while, have a big night, or do you want to consistently come out ahead over time? Too many players have the idea that they need to win a lot of hands, and so they lose money by not folding often enough. Others want to look good, and so are easily manipulated into staying with hands they shouldn't play.

I've watched a lot of good and bad poker players (I used to work in a casino). I also just recently did some research into basic strategies used by professional poker players. So if making money sounds better than winning many hands or impressing others, here is what I have found.


Play in the Right Game

Really smart players will tell you that your skill is not the most important thing. I know this from experience because I have never been a very good poker player, yet I have won far more than I have lost. What's my secret? I played against weaker players.

To win at poker, you have to drop the ego trips. This isn't a chess game or a tennis match, and you don't want good competition. You want the others to be clearly less skilled than you. If there are one or two players at the table who are definitely better, you'll probably lose more than you win.


Don't advertise your skill. Find games where the other players are relatively weaker, and let them think they are superior. Win as "quietly" as you can. Pointing out that you are always winning will just chase away the weak players who are responsible for your gains.

Playing the right game also means knowing what your comfort level is. If you can't play the same way at a high stakes table, you probably shouldn't be there. Choose a game where you can play your best game - a game where you won't hesitate over a bet you would normally make just because it seems like a lot of money. Instead of playing to win, you'll start to play to not lose if the stakes are too high for you.

Work your way up to higher stakes after you have some winnings to play with. You might also want to stay at the games where you win. You often can make more money at the lower-stakes games, because the weaker players are there. A good player can make some money at a $2/$4 game (In $2/$4 seven-card stud or Texas hold'em a player can bet or raise $2 in the first two rounds, and $4 after that). In $10/20 games and above, you start to get more professional players, so avoid these.

Know Yourself

One thing all poker players should do, especially when starting out (and possibly forever), is to track their wins and losses. A simple legal pad will work for this. Just be sure to write down how much you lost or won every single time you play. Without this, many players convince themselves that they are better than they really are..

It is also good to make notes with each entry, specifying where you played, what other players were there, and personal conditions. The best players can have a losing night or week, but if you notice that those nights come more often when you have a beer or two, it could be useful information.

Watch yourself and be aware of where your strengths and weaknesses are. If you lose money during more than half of any ten sessions, you probably should reevaluate your play and/or find weaker players to play against. If you can't consistently read your opponents you probably need a different game and/or more practice at a low-stakes game.

If you find that you play noticeably differently when you are winning versus losing, you may not be ready to make money at poker. Accept that you will have losing sessions - just watch to see if they come too often. To be comfortable and play consistently, you should have a bankroll of about 20 times the maximum bet (some professionals say 15 times), and be ready to lose it. For a $5/$10 game, that means you should have at least $200 when you sit at the table.

Other Poker Tips

Know the odds. Do a bit of reading to learn how to calculate the winning chances for each given hand. Then learn how to calculate whether that translates into a good bet based on what is in the pot and what you'll have to bet. Numbers matter in poker.

In Texas hold'em bet good starting hands aggressively to chase players out. The fewer players that remain at the end, the more likely you are to have the winning hand. For example, the statistics say that a pair of aces will win against one other player 80% of the time, but if four players stay in through the first two rounds it will win only about 50% of the time. Strong bets on a decent pair effectively scares off hands that could have become winners.

Most professional players will tell you that you should fold early and often. On average you should be folding about 75% of your hands on the first betting round. Those who play almost every hand win more hands, but lose money in the end. To win more often, you should play a little tighter than the other players at the table.

On the other hand, don't play too predictably. An occasional bluff might win a hand. If it doesn't, you at least have made your play less predictable. Wild play and bluffing are not actually a big part of how to win when you play poker (especially limit poker), but they have their place.

Making a Living as Freelance Writer

Making a Living as Freelance Writer

If you want to really make a living with freelance writing, you can start with the types suggested so far. But you should also look for clients who will come back again and again. The only reason I make decent money for my time is that I've worked for repeat customers so I haven't had to spend too much time chasing after business.

You should set up a website to promote yourself and your services. Design it so that when a potential client arrives on the home page it is perfectly clear what you do and why you are the one to do it. Make it easy to contact you as well. 

Check this previous article " How to Make Money Freelance Writing ".

Your website URL should be on your business cards of course. I tend to stay home and therefore don't mingle with prospective clients much, so I don't have business cards at the moment, but they are probably a good idea. I did recently get several small projects from a local businessman who is launching a travel-themed website, and maybe it would be helpful to have a card to give someone in a case like that (but I managed without).


Freelancing writing for print magazines is a tougher market to get into. Some still pay as much as $1.00 per word. When, instead of $50 or $100, you can make $1,200 for medium-length article, the competition is fierce. It is easier than ever to try though, because almost all of the print magazines that accept freelance work take submissions or queries by email now, and many of them post their guidelines on their websites. Soon I will attempt to sell to the places that pay $0.50 per word or better, but so far my best sales to a printed newsletter paid just $0.10 per word.


Other Considerations

Much of your freelance work is sold with all rights, and if you don't ask you should just assume this is the case. That means you are paid once and you can never again use that article, even on your own website or blog. I can live with that as long as I make a decent rate. And in any case, if I write an article about backpacking I can always write another one in new words and from another perspective.


Sometimes a buyer pays for "First North American Serial Rights" (FNASR), which means they are buying just the right to be first to publish your article. They may or may not specify how long after publication you are free to sell the article elsewhere, but you definitely have to wait until it is published (not just paid for). I recently sold a couple articles to an online writing magazine that buys "first electronic rights," meaning I could sell the same article to a print magazine and, as soon as the buyer published it online, I could sell it again online.


Being able to sell your article again means getting paid more than once. Some authors sell their articles many times. Just make it clear to subsequent buyers that they are only getting "reprint rights" when they buy it.


It can be tough to make money as a freelance writer! I've had a good start, but then I had some advantages. I had a book published by a major publisher and I've been writing for my own websites for almost ten years now. Setting up a website to promote my services took me only a couple day's work and $12 per year to operate it.


I also have other sources of income (I have become a strong believer in diversifying income sources). If you really have no experience, keep your day job and expect to work at your freelance writing for a long time before you make a living from it.

How to Make Money Freelance Writing

How to Make Money Freelance Writing

It used to be that the opportunities for freelance writing were relatively rare. There were only so many magazines that would pay for freelance work. Then the internet came along, and there was suddenly an insatiable need for content to fill all of those websites and blogs.

But then there were suddenly millions of new writers, including myself. The result has been that the rate writers get online is generally much lower than in print magazines. But the good news is that there are more ways to make money from writing than ever before, and you don’t have to be a professional writer to get started. Let's look at a few of the opportunities and what you can make with them...


Fast and Not so Easy

What I call "top of your head articles" are pieces that have six to ten paragraphs or about 500 to 70 words, and don't require research. For example, if you had to write on ways to save money, you could think of a few without the necessity of researching the topic. You could also probably throw together a few travel tips, write an article on how to make a house safer for kids, and generally figure out something to say about a hundred other topics.


These are the types of articles that are bought for medium and low-quality websites and blogs, and you'll typically get no more than $10 for them. In fact, there are many people writing these for as little as one dollar each. Clearly you have to write very quickly to make anywhere near minimum wage with rates like that. These articles are bought with "full rights," meaning they belong to the buyer and can be changed, retitled, have another author's name put on them, and so on.

There are freelance platforms online where you can find buyers. You bid on the projects they post, and they choose among the bids according to price, experience and the details of anything else you offer as a freelancer. If you win the bid and complete the project the website handles collecting the payment for you. Here are two examples of places where you can sign up for free for this (although you pay a percentage of money received):

Ideally, once you have some practice and feel comfortable writing on many different topics, you can contract to write a dozen articles or more at a time. That way you can be efficient enough to make a decent paycheck for a day’s work -- and yes, with practice, you can write a dozen articles of this type in a day.