Weirdest Money Ideas : What myself and others have done to make a buck

 I have always been fascinated by the more unusual ways to make money. My own list of jobs and businesses I’ve had in my life includes selling rocks, tracking people down to serve court papers, and writing about carpet stains.

Here are some other odd things that people have done to make money. A few might be worth trying, and the others, well… they will entertain us if nothing else.    

Pet Detective

This is not just an invention for the sake of a Jim Carrey movie (or two). There really are pet detectives out there that will track down lost cats and dogs and otherwise investigate animal-related mysteries. There is even a “pet detective university” to help you get credentials.

Breath Odor Evaluator

The bad news is that only a few people are needed in the whole country to sniff other peoples exhalations. Well maybe that’s not such bad news. In any case, the job involves testing the effectiveness of various breath-freshening products ranging from chewing gum to mouthwash.

Dog Food Tester

I just recently saw this one in a book of odd jobs. There was a nice photo of a woman biting into a juicy chunk of dog food. I’m not sure how humans can tell what a dog will like, but I suppose there are worse jobs (it’s a tossup between this and sniffing bad breath).


Pond Treasure Scavenging

When they emptied the pond in a local park here in our town, there were coins all over. I found two old pennies and a nickel while talking to a man who was searching the mud with his metal detector. His pockets were bulging with his discoveries. Apparently the pond had not been emptied in eighty years, and along with the bread people threw into it for the ducks, they also tossed in coins for good luck. It was good luck for that treasure hunter. Look for any ponds or lakes being emptied near you.

Focus Group Jobs

People get paid to sit around and watch videos, talk about products, and express their opinions. It used to be tough to find these temporary jobs, but now there are a few websites online that list openings or give information on who to contact.

Dog Mannequins

Yes, people buy dog mannequins. In fact, there are two distinct markets here. Some are sold to pet stores and other businesses that need puppies to display products. Then there are the ones that are used for veterinary and emergency responder training. The latter are very realistic (organs and veins even), and they sell for up to thousands of dollars each.

Human Guinea Pig Jobs

Of all the weird ways to make money listed here, this is perhaps the most dangerous. Then again, not all research volunteers have to try new medicines. Some get paid hundreds of dollars just to eat a different diet for a five or six weeks. Of course even those positions involve having your blood drawn a few times, so skip this one of you are afraid of needles.