Unusual Jobs to Make Money : Submarine cook, shot girl and four more

 Here are a few more odd jobs and weird professions to add to our collection. We start with one which pays more than you might think, although you apparently have to be in Australia to get top dollar...


Submarine Cook

According to a report on Daily Finance;

In Australia, a senior submarine cook with more than six years of experience earns $200,000 (about $187,000 U.S.) per year, the same as a junior admiral.

The base pay is $58,806 per year, but the key is in the bonuses, which include a capability bonus of $40,000, seagoing allowance of $22,254, submarine service allowance of $26,703, and a bonus of $50,000 a year just for showing up for work, because the job is listed as "critical to the navy."


Light Bender

If you like artistic work, you might like a job as a light bender. As such, you will be making neon lights. This is truly skilled work, for which an apprenticeship is perhaps the best way to get trained. Larger cities provide more opportunity for the work, of course, and particularly those in which neon lights are popular for advertising and decorating, such as resort towns. Las Vegas is perhaps the city where you can make the most money in this field.

Shot Girl

According to a Wall Street Journal article, a good-looking woman in her 20s can make $300 to $600 nightly serving specialty shots of alcohol at some clubs. Severs are paid either hourly or per-shot-sold, but naturally make most of their money from tips. And although it may seem unfair, this is usually just a job for women (but then men would not likely be tipped as well by the typically male customers anyhow).


Revealing tops and short shorts are recommended, and an ability to deal with drunk guys is also helpful. Apparently the bars can do very well also; Jell-O shots can cost as little as 15 cents to make, and are sold for $3 to $4 each.

Snake Milker

This is perhaps one of the most dangerous jobs I have covered on the site. You have to extract the venom from very poisonous snakes. It is used to make anti-venom, which is stocked at hospitals in areas where snake bites are common. I am sure there are some doing this who will claim it can be safe if done properly, but it seems likely that a mistake will be made eventually--and I hope you survive it if you try this odd job.

Airplane Repo Person

I once worked as a repo man, but we only went after cars. The money is better when you repossess airplanes, but you can also go a long time between pay days. This is stressful work, and can be dangerous. You may be asked to travel to foreign countries to get your plane, and getting sent to jail is a possibility if you break any laws. Airplane repossession is a commission job most often, and you can get up to 10% of what the plane sells for after being repossessed. That can be a lot of money on a million dollar plane.

Petroleum Company Diver

Oil and gas divers can make up to $80,000 per year, but this is another truly dangerous job. You will be doing inspections of rigs at great depths, or welding or laying lines or pipes. From what I have read though, there is a growing demand for people to work these positions.

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