Top Home Business Opportunities to Make Money

There are two basic types of home business opportunities. The first are businesses that actually let you stay home while you run them. The other are ones that you may have to leave the house for, but that don't require an office or job to report to. Examples of both types are found throughout this site. Here are some of the pages that cover them.


Best Home Business Opportunity? - This page is all about our own business, and yes, it is home-based. In fact, I am sitting here in my pajamas (sweats actually) as I write this. It's a quick overview of what we do and the advantages of informational websites as a business model for making money online.

Ready to Be a Blogger? - A page with an article by a guy who does a couple hundred thousand dollars annually with his blog. Although I've never had much luck with my own blog (The New Ideas Blog), I love the basic idea. Again, this has all the advantages (ease of maintenance and residual income, for example) that our business has.

Five Internet Business Opportunities - This page has a few of the other ways to make money with the internet. (As you may have guessed I think some of the best home business opportunities involve the internet.)

Money Making Hobbies - A quick look at how hobbies can be turned into businesses. Many can be done from home, of course.

Treasure Hunting - This covers a lot more money-making activities than you might think. Metal detecting and diamond-hunting in parking lots are just the start. Although you don't get to stay home for these, you do get to operate without an outside office or job to go to.

Playing With Money - This is a fun page that covers several ways to make your money work for you, and I don't mean making a few percent per year in a bank. These are plans that can either be done at home or at least using your house as your office.

Residual Income - I explain why residual income is so valuable, and cover several ways to generate it. Home business opportunities are included in the examples.

Of course, there are also many service businesses that can be operated from your home. These include everything from resume-writing services to window washing and dog-sitting.