Money Making Hobbies

You never really know which ones could be the money making hobbies. A friend of mine made a life-sized cow out of plywood once. After painting it up and putting it out in the yard, he started to get people stopping by to see if he would sell it. He loved working with wood, and soon had a waiting list of customers for his plywood cows. At about a fifty-dollar profit each, he wasn't going to get rich, but isn't making money with your hobby more fun than a job?

More Money Making Hobbies

There are two basic ways to approach this. The first is the obvious: Look for a way to make money with your hobby or hobbies. What does your hobby produce or involve that other people might want? If the only hobby you have is watching and talking about auto racing, you could start a website about the topic. I'm just sitting here talking about unusual ways to make money, and every time someone clicks on one of the ads here, I might make money.


The second way to money-making with hobbies is to think of all the hobbies you might take up that can generate a second income for you. I found that I really enjoyed making walking sticks as a hobby, and I sold more than a thousand dollars worth on summer. Are there things you might enjoy doing that can make some money as well? Probably.

Time to get creative. Scan the list of activities or hobbies below, and see if you can think of a way they can be used to make money. If you like to travel, you might become a tour guide, for example.

Crafts of all sorts
Caring for animals
Playing with computers
Rock Climbing
Stamp Collecting

I'll report on other hobbies that can be profitable in my Unusual Ways Newsletter, so be sure to sign up if you haven't yet. Also, remember that almost all hobbies can be money making hobbies now, simply by writing all about them on a website, and collecting for the advertising clicks. I'll cover that in the future too.