Make Money Writing on the Internet

To earn money writing the best thing is to register in the various platforms that are on the net, platforms that bring together people who are looking for writers with people who seek to earn money writing from home and online. There are many platforms that are dedicated to this, but you only have to trust the most reputable and those with the most good reviews.


➡ Textbroker:

This is another platform that unites writers with people who want to hire their services, it is a platform that offers good support at all times and that every day has more members. There are people who are looking for editors to write movie scripts, translators for text, web page writers and much more ... On this platform you do not have to pay a monthly fee or have to pay any fee per year. The prices offered by people who are looking for writers are usually quite high prices and that is something good for you as a writer.

To enter the website click here : Textbroker .

➡ Fiverr:

This platform has been on the market for several years and has one of the most active communities at the moment, it also lacks a very good reputation and that is surely for something. It has thousands of freelancers looking for writers to do various jobs for them. The only negative point is that it has thousands of users and the prices offered and sought are quite low compared to other platforms, that is why if we want to earn a good salary at the end of the month this platform is not the most appropriate and we have to go to others where there are more demanding people but who pay better.

To enter the website click here : Fiverr .

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➡ Copyhackers:

Copyhackers is a content company based in Canada. Your job is to build a great product. Our job is to help you connect that product to your audience… using li’l ol’ words. Okay, and segmentation and personalization. And analytics. And, well, everything in the digital marketer’s toolkit. But mostly: words.
To enter the website click here : Copyhackers.

➡ The Write Life:

The Write Life is money for writing. The site itself is a resource for new Freelancers, but relies on Freelance to write their articles. However, you may need to be a well-known freelance writer to advise others.
Pay: $60 to $300
To enter the website click here: The Write Life 

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