Make Extra Cash This Week

Some of the more normal ways to make a bit of extra cash fast include selling things, pawning things, working longer hours at a job, and so on. We will look at some of these more traditional ways below. But we will also take a look at some of the less common ways to make some money within a few days.



Sell Things

Of course it is common to sell your things to raise cash quickly. You can do it in a matter of an hour if you take your stuff to a pawnshop, or you can throw an ad on Craigslist and get some things sold by the end of the week. But a less common approach is to sell things that belong to your friends and family. The idea here is not to steal their possessions, but to borrow the things they say they wouldn't mind parting with. Then take them to a pawn shop or to any potential buyer (used furniture store, another friend who needs a particular item, and so on), and see what you can get.


Once you have an offer, call your friend who owns the item and offer him or her less than that for it. You might find a buyer at $100 for a used computer, for example, and convince your friend to sell it to you for $50 while you are standing there with your buyer (just out of earshot, of course). You get to quickly pocket $50, and without the risk you would have if you tried to buy things before you sold them. If you don't find a buyer for an item, return it to its owner and that's that.


Collection Time

Although it isn't really a way to make extra cash as it is a way to cash in assets you have, you can ask for repayment of anything owed to you. Go to those friends and and family who have been putting off repaying money they owe, and encourage them to make good on the debts. You might offer a discount for paying the debt now. Now, if some of your friends are the type who don't bother to repay debts, don't bother asking for repayment. Just give them your sob story and ask them to lend you the money you are owed for a day or two. You can then forget to repay their repayment.


Collect Scrap Metal to Sell

Almost every town of any size has at least one pace that buys scrap metal. You can start by rounding up broken aluminum furniture and TV antennas, copper tubing left over from a plumbing project, and any pop cans you have around the house (as long as there isn't a deposit in your state). Go sell whatever you have to see what you can get. Then start looking for more supply. Try friends and family, to see if you can get old aluminum car wheels, copper from old air conditioners and such. Some air conditioning units have as much as $30 in metals in them, and yet they get thrown away all the time.


Work More Hours

If you get paid frequently at your job, you might be able to make extra cash by working more. But be smart about it. Pack the hours into the same week to maximize overtime pay, and take any shifts that pay more per hour, like holidays or night shifts.


Sell Your Hair

If you have long hair that is in good condition, you can sell it. Some ponytails go for up to a thousand dollars, and there are buyers waiting right now online. 


Deliver Cars

I have known more than one used car dealer, and they always need a car delivered at some point. They either need to move some cars from one lot to another or they need drivers to go to auction with them and drive their purchases back to the sale's lot. Go directly to used car lots and ask for the owner or manager to see if you might get some of this cash work.


Gamble Other People's Money

Take a trip to a Nearby casino. But first set your own money aside and look online for a gambling system to try. Once you have an idea what you are going to do, round up $40 from each of several friends with the promise that you will give them half of the profits you make and will guarantee a loss of no more than half of their stake. They get a chance to gamble on your skills while risking only $20, and you might win big with no risk at all. Just use half of the money raised, so you can fulfill your promise to return at least half.


Leave Your Apartment

If your financial troubles are not limited to the need for cash this week only, consider leaving your apartment and moving into cheaper accommodations, like a friends basement, a room rental, or a parent's home. The point here is that you not only better your financial situation going forward, but if you are not a bad tenant, you should also get that security deposit back. Hey, I did promise some unusual ways to make extra cash.