Best Home Business Opportunity?

 Of all the options out there (and there really are many), which is the best home business opportunity? For myself, it has been publishing informational websites. Not only can I make money sitting here in my pajamas at home, but I can do it from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection.


In fact, my wife and I are leaving in forty minutes to get on plane, and we will bring our little laptop with us. In the meantime, my challenge to myself is to see if I can create this page and have it live before we leave. That is one of the wonderful things about this business - I can write all night, or just work in small bits of time here and there. It is very flexible.

To make the business this flexible, you should avoid selling a physical product that you have to ship. It is true that you can make a lot of money doing that. It's also true that you can eventually hire help to run things for you so you are free to travel. But you will not feel nearly as comfortable being away from home if you can;t bring the whole business with you.

We keep our income sources limited to pay-per-click advertising, affiliate sales, and selling my ebooks. None of these require us to be at home, but they all make it easy to work at home in any case. I have known others who have piles of boxes and shipping materials stretching from there basements to their kitchens. I like this model better.

Another thing that makes this the best home business opportunity for us is that we can neglect it. Okay, we try hard to keep up on email when traveling, but we really don't need to check in on things every day. The last time we went to Ecuador to visit my wife's family, we were gone for about three weeks and perhaps did a few hours work in that time. We didn't even bring our laptop. The whole business can be carried on one flash drive that's two inches long, and we can work from any internet cafe.

Here's the basic strategy: we make websites on various topics ranging from backpacking to real estate to carpet cleaning (fortunately I have a lot of interests). We have ads on the pages of those sites, for which we get paid when visitors click. We advertise affiliate products as well, for which we make a commission when visitors buy them. We sell my ebooks through ClickBank, so I don't have to be available to process the orders. It is largely automatic once set up.

How do we get the traffic? Good content certainly helps, but the primary method that we used to succeed was writing and distributing articles through the various free article directories online. Make pages, write articles and submit them to directories. People read them and then visit our site using the link at the end of each article. We do many other things as well, but that probably accounts for more than half of the traffic we get.

I'm at 25 minutes, by the way, and it will take me another five to spell-check the page and put it online. Time to go catch that plane. Perhaps you can see why I think this is the best home business opportunity around.